Our partners:

ALTERFIL (Germany) - threads for sewing


COLLECTION D'ART (Greece) - canvas and sets for embroideries 

GUTERMANN AND CO (Germany) - threads for sewing, embroidered pearls, elements for creating bijouteries

DMC (France) - mouline thread sets and accessories for sewing

ENTACO (Anglija) - needles for sewing, embroidery, beading and wallpapering

GOBELIN L (Greece) - printed canvas for embroidery

HAFTINA (Poland) - stickers and patches

HKM TEXTIL (Germany) - scissors, ribbons, stickers, reflector tapes

HOECHSTMASS (Germany) - tapes, textile glue, seam rippers, chalk pencils 

KNORR PRANDELL (Germany) - pearls, accessories for embroidery

KOH-I-NOOR (Czech Republic) - safety needles, clothes hooks

MILETA (Czech Republic) - tissues

NITARNA ČESKO (Czech Republic) - mouline threads

NOVITA (Finland) - wool

SANDRA (Italy) - buttons

GUSTAV SELTER (Germany) - knitting needles and crochet hooks

YKK (Finland) - zippers and snaps

ZWEIGART (Switzerland) - crochet threads

DIKTAS (Turkey) - wool and crochet threads

LANARTE (Belgium) - embroidery kits

VERACHTERT (VERVACO) (Belgium) - embroidery kits

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